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Playing Boggle with different ages or abilities

There are many ways to play Boggle. You can play Boggle individually or in teams. Boggle works as a game among peers or a game with different ages involved. You can enjoy Boggle with two players or a crowd of contenders! Here are some suggestions for playing Boggle under the following conditions:

  • Playing Boggle with someone younger or less experienced than the rest of the players:
  • Depending upon the player's age, he/she may be happy just to be able to play with the adults (ie. in the case of a fairly young child). For older children, let them read their Boggle words first, and perhaps let them use one and two letter words ("a," "I," "in," "is," etc.). In addition, you could let the younger Boggle player win points for all their words, not crossing off words which other, older Boggle players have also found. If you are dealing with an adult who just happens to be an inexperienced Boggle player, you could try playing in teams.

  • Playing Boggle in teams:
  • The easiest way to play Boggle in teams is simply to add up the points of each player on a Boggle team at the end of each round. In this version, Boggle team members can disqualify each other's words.

    Another way to play Boggle in teams is to play each round normally. After time has expired, the Boggle team members meet together briefly to make one master list. The disqualification round of Boggle then proceeds normally and points are added up. A slight variation on this version of Boggle team play is to have everyone read off his/her individual word list, but knowing that Boggle team members can not disqualify each other's words unless members of an opposing Boggle team find the same word. Only one point per Boggle team is granted, however.