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Boggle: Word Game of Choice for Family Gatherings

Family gatherings and holidays usually involve an abundance of good food, an over-abundance of different personalities, and sometimes a second helping of stress. Why not spice things up or relax a bit with a family game of Boggle?

While my extended family will sometimes play such games as Trivial Pursuit or Pinocle (yes, we play Pinocle!), Boggle has always been one of our favorite family games. While the youngest among us show off that they can find any Boggle words at all, my father, my cousin, and I all battle for the big Boggle prize. My other cousins and aunts and uncles may sometimes groan because the three of us are such equally matched Boggle players, but they still enjoy participating in the Boggle games time and time again.

Between Boggle rounds my family jokes and catches up on what everyone else has been doing. We celebrate great Boggle triumphs (see my Dad's famous Boggle story) and try to get different types of slang accepted as legitimate Boggle words.

My mother, the nurse, tries to use medical terms in Boggle (no fair!). My dad tries to use obscure engineering/physics words in Boggle (argh!). My husband tries to use fabricated words from fantasy novels (no, "Gandalf" is NOT an acceptable Boggle word). And I try to slip the occasional French word into the Boggle game (what do you mean, no foreign words in the Boggle game?!). Boggle is great family fun for all!

And if you have two nurses/doctors in the family, maybe they can play medical Boggle, or French Boggle, or fantasy novel Boggle...the Boggle possibilities are endless!