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Boggle at work or school: Dad's Boggle story

I used to play Boggle with a couple of friends in college. It was a fun way to spend the last fifteen minutes before the cafeteria commons opened for dinner, playing a couple of rounds of Boggle.

One of the coolest incidents of Boggle-playing that I know of was the Boggle game my dad used to play with his buddies at lunchtime during the work day. Whenever the subject of Boggle comes up, my father, to this days, always tells this great Boggle story.

Once upon a time there was a particularly difficult combination of letters in his lunchtime Boggle game one day at work. Boggle games do vary with each shake of the Boggle dice, and this was a hard one. There were lots of letters like Z and Q, and way too many vowels! By the time the sands of the Boggle timer had run down, most of the players breathed a sign or relief (Ah, the torturous round was over!), but not my dad!

He had hit the Boggle jackpot. My dad had composed the unlikely word squeegie, a definite Boggle triumph. But, as my father would now remind us as we waited with bated breath, that's not all!

Not only did my dad make it into Boggle legend with squeegie (already a five point word), he also found squeegies and squeegied. After that Boggle would never be the same. The Boggle bar had been raised; the Boggle gauntlet thrown down!

Carpe Boggle!