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Boggle - Books and Computer Games

Boggle/Upwords/Hangman/Word Hunter

If you enjoy playing games on the computer, this Boggle is for you! Not only does it include a good version of computer Boggle, it provides other word game play. Besides Boggle, I've been known to play a game or two of Upwords. It helps me stay sharp for Boggle!

Boggle Plus (Gameboy)

I've been told that Boggle Plus can be quite addictive. It's perfect for anyone who already has a Gameboy and is inherently portable! In between saving the world with the plumber brothers, a little Boggle Plus is fun and might actually be educational (shhhh...I won't tell if you don't!).

Boggle Brainbusters: Word-Search Puzzle Book

This solo version of Boggle doesn't even require electricity or battery power at all. Challenge yourself to see if you can find all the Boggle words in each puzzle, or introduce a younger kid to Boggle by finding words together. It's a paperback, lightweight, and only requires a pencil to start the Boggle puzzle solving! And if you enjoy Boggle Brainbusters, there is also a Boggle book sequel, Boggle Brainbusters! 2.