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Forming a Regular Boggle Playing Group

Are you yearning to play Boggle but have no one to play with? Or perhaps you wish you could play Boggle more often, and in a regularly scheduled fashion. If your immediate family and friends don't have the same passion for Boggle that you do, it might be worth trying to put together a weekly (or monthly, or daily) Boggle playing group. But how does one go about forming a Boggle playing group?

Are your Friends, Neighbors, and Coworkers Boggle players?

The first thing you probably want to do is ask around the friends, neighbors, and coworkers you are most friendly with to see if the Boggle group idea attracts any interest. Do you belong to a book club? Ask if they also enjoy playing Boggle! Even if you can't find more than one other fellow Boggle player this way, it's worth a shot. And more people than you realized might be interested in playing Boggle.

Boggle Players on the Internet

Once you've tried to find Boggle players among your established social network, it's time to seek elsewhere. The best resource for finding like-minded Boggle players in your area (as you probably already know since you are currently browsing this fabulous Boggle website) is the internet. My best internet recommendation is to check out the craigslist in your area (be sure to select your city, state, or region). Search the strictly platonic section using the keyword "Boggle." If you don't find any responses for "Boggle," as you may well not, post your own, "Boggle players wanted" ad.

Bulletin Boards Breed Boggle Buddies

Aside from the internet, you might also put up a typed advertisement looking for Boggle players. You could put this on a bulletin board at work (wouldn't it be cool to play Boggle during lunch?) or in a local coffee shop.

Once you have a Boggle group of four to five players, or more depending on your preference and the size of the table where you intend to play Boggle, discuss where, when, and how often you'd like to play Boggle. Then, if you ever wanted a change of pace from Boggle (why would you ever want a change from Boggle? Seriously!), you could try other word and board games. Happy Boggle playing!