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Stumped trying to figure out what to be for Halloween? Making a Boggle costume is the perfect solution! Being Boggle for Halloween will make people laugh and might just cause friends or acquaintances to strike up a conversation about how they too enjoy playing Boggle, and would you like to get together and play Boggle sometime? And making a Boggle Halloween costume is fairly easy. Just follow these simple steps to make an awesome Boggle Halloween costume.

  • Step One- Cardboard Box for the Boggle Board: The first thing you'll need for your Boggle costume is a cube-shaped cardboard box. You can usually find a Box for your Boggle costume if you ask at a supermarket or liquor store, or you could just buy one at a store like Staples or Office Max.

  • Step Two- Cut and Paint the Boggle Board: Cut a hole in the bottom of the box big enough to put your head through. Then take the Boggle board box and cut out arm holes on each side. This is the base for your Boggle Halloween costume. Next, take the Boggle board off and paint the sixteen boggle cubes with letters on the front. You can spice up your Boggle Halloween costume by painting certain combinations of Boggle letters to write a message or funny words.

  • Step Three- Boggle Word List: On the back side of the Boggle board box, paint a list of Boggle words, perhaps crossing some off. The Boggle words don't necessarily need to be found on the Boggle board you painted on the front of the box! Your Boggle word list could include funny or engaging words to make people laugh and appreciate your super cool Boggle Halloween costume.

  • Step Four- Boggle Timer: To emulate the Boggle timer, I would recommend checking out Halloween costume stores or the home decoration areas of discount stores like Walmart or TJ Maxx. I have seen hourglasses about 10 inches tall which you could carry around as part of your Boggle Halloween costume. If this search is unsuccessful, you could just carry around the actual timer from your Boggle game.

  • Step Five- Shake!: A final way to spice up your Boggle Halloween costume is to occasionally "shake the Boggle board." People might not understand right away, but it will certainly get their attention and they'll ask! Happy Halloween!