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Even More Hints for Playing Boggle

To further improve your Boggle acumen, try these hints for playing Boggle on for size!

  • Don't scorn the more obscure Boggle letters like z, x, or qu. Instead, embrace them and look all the harder for words. If you succeed in finding some, chances are better that no one else will have those same Boggle words.

  • Try not to keep your mind on too strict of a leash. It's true, for example, that you should look for all of the Boggle words that end in a given combination of letters (like "-ate") once you find one word (like "mate"), but if you should spy an unrelated Boggle word (like "leaf") during the process be sure to write it down. You can always go back to your list and the original combination of letters later on.

  • If you are almost able to make a good, long Boggle word but find yourself one letter short, go back and try one more time. That way you won't be kicking yourself later when another Boggle players finds a different way to make the very same word.

  • Write down the words on your Boggle list legibly. It's amazing how often players lose out on a word because they can't read their own, rushed handwriting!

  • Relax! Don't let the thought of all the Boggle words you won't get distract you from all the Boggle words you could find. And even more so, don't allow the frantic scratchings of other players' pencils to throw ou off your own task.

  • Don't get stuck during the timed Boggle round deciding whether or not something is actually a word. Just write it down and go back after time runs out to decide whether or not it's a valid Boggle word.

  • And the best hint to improve your Boggle score is to play Boggle frequently and enthusiastically. The more you play, the better you will naturally become and the more fun you'll have! Playing Boggle against better players, worse players, and equally matched players all help develop your Boggle skills in some useful, way. Have fun playing!