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Boggle Hints for Kids (Or, What Kids can Learn from Boggle!)

There are some basic hints and strategies which you can impart onto kids to help them get better at Boggle. In essence, they're the same hints which are useful for adult Boggle players, but boiled down into terms kids can understand. The cool thing, from a parent's point of view, is that the things which will help a kid improve their Boggle game are the same as what they're trying to learn in school (depending upon their ages). So, learning these Boggle hints and strategies will also help kids get better at school. Who ever said Boggle wasn't the best game ever?!

  • Rhyming: One of the basic fundamentals of both playing Boggle and understanding pronunciation and word relationships is the concept of rhymes. If you can find "cat" on the Boggle board, it's important to look for any possible rhymes, like "mat," "fat," or even "splat."

  • Plurals: The first hint new Boggle players need to learn, whether kids or adults, is that if there's an "s" on the Boggle board, you better use it! You can practically double your score by writing down both "hand" and "hands."

  • Past Tense and Gerunds: This particular Boggle hint may not teach your child how to properly use the past tense or a gerund in a sentence, but at least how to spell those words correctly! Just as it's important to look for "hand" and "hands," be sure to look for both "ban" and "banned," and "run" and "running."

  • Nonsense Versus Real Words: Distinguishing between real words and combinations of letters that sound good but have no meaning is a key strategy for both playing Boggle and learning to read and write better. Even as adult players, Boggle forces us to really think about certain "words" we find to decide if they actually have meaning. This Boggle strategy is useful for kids in real life and in the game.

  • Backward and Forward Words: I admit; I'm not entirely sure where the direct learning benefit is from this Boggle hint, but it's a good strategy to know nonetheless. There are so many short words which work in both directions, like "ten" and "net." It's a good idea to look for both!

  • Short Words Inside Long Words: Similar to the last hint, be sure to look for short words inside long words. If you already have "heat," for instance, don't miss out on "eat."