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How to encourage your kids to play Boggle

The best way to get your kids interested in playing Boggle is to expose them to it early by starting with Boggle Junior Letters. If you find yourself with an older child who just doesn't want to play Boggle (since he/she doesn't think Boggle could possibly be any fun when compared to video games and other electronic gadgets), there are some sneaky methods to change his/her mind.

First of all, just play Boggle with your spouse, neighbor, other kids, or anyone. Seeing you having fun playing Boggle will make kids curious as to what they're missing. In addition, it only takes one Saturday night where your kids are bored to have them asking you to join in the Boggle fun. Be patient and enjoy playing Boggle with or without the kids!

Another way to instill a love for Boggle in your kids is to institute a game playing time (from 5 minutes each night before or after dinner to one hour each Sunday afternoon, whatever works for your family. Play Boggle each time or once every few game sessions. Eventually your kids won't be able to keep themselves from seeing the fun of Boggle.

A vacation trip can also be a great way to introduce kids to the wonders of Boggle play. If you rent a lake house or go on a cruise, the kids will no longer have their normal friends and distractions around them and will therefore be more amenable to playing Boggle with their parents. All you need is for your kids to be willing to give Boggle a chance!

And once your kids do start playing Boggle, through whatever means may work for you, make sure to praise their Boggle successes and get excited about their unique and interesting words. Don't ever let an older kid or teenager suspect that you are letting them win at Boggle! That's the surest way to kill their Boggle excitement. On that note, don't be afraid to get excited about your own Boggle successes. Share the Boggle enjoyment both ways and your kids will likely become Boggle lovers for a lifetime.