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More Boggle Hints and Strategy for Better Game Play

  1. Other player's words: Look for words other players have used during previous Boggle rounds. This will up your immediate score and help build your Boggle repertoire of words.

  2. Start a list: Start a mental or physical (ie. written down) list of commonly found (in Boggle that is) three and four letter words. Longer Boggle words are great, but three 3-letter words are better than one 5-letter word from a scoring perspective (unless, of course, one of the other Boggle players has them!).

  3. Double check long words: Double check long Boggle words (especially plural words) to make sure you aren't reusing any letters, and that all the letters in the word path connect. This takes a couple of seconds, but will help you avoid having points subtracted from your Boggle score.

  4. Player of the same skill level: Play Boggle with someone of an equal skill level to challenge each other.

  5. Better player: Play Boggle with someone better than you. This will add an extra push and challenge, and you might learn something new from them.

  6. Go back: If you're using the Focused Boggle Strategy, do go back to areas of the board you've already explored to look for words you might have missed.

  7. Never stop looking: Remember the following: Even when you have a Boggle board with virtually no vowels and time is almost elapsed, there are always more words to be found. Keep looking! Sometimes I enjoy the more difficult Boggle rounds because they force me to really stretch my word-finding muscles.

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