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Do you enjoy playing Boggle but are stressed out by the timer? Are you a word game aficionado who just doesn't like to be rushed? Although the regular Boggle rules include the timer as a means to add excitement and create a certain Boggle game ambience, there are other ways to enjoy Boggle.

Sometimes, for example, my Aunt and I will sit down in the few moments before dinner and play a non-timed version of Boggle which doesn't even require pen and paper. We shake the Boggle cube and then take turns pointing out one word at a time. It's not so much about competition as the Boggle game is usually ended by the call to sit down for dinner. Theoretically the winner of the Boggle game would be the last one to find a word before the other players are stumped.

A completely non-competitive twist on this version of Boggle play would be for the Boggle players to simply search for words together with no regard for who goes next.

Another non-timed way to play Boggle would be to play the game as normal and just leave out the timer. Boggle play continues for as long as the players want it to, are still finding or looking for words. This is also a good way to sharpen your Boggle skills for when a regular Boggle game reveals a board with an overabundance of vowels, z's, and qu's. You will become better able to find Boggle words when it seems that there are none.

Finally, to mix up regular Boggle play a bit in a relaxed fashion, all players could simply try to find the longest word and/or most unique or funny Boggle words. The competition to win Boggle is less distinctly felt as the point is more to awe each other with the more impressively long, funny, or strange words you're able to find. Besides being a fun non-timed way to play Boggle, this is also a great method for stretching those Boggle muscles beyond the typical three-letter words.