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Boggle Game Night Party- How to Plan

Be the first on the block to hold the social event of the season, a Boggle Game Night Party! Here's how to make your Boggle game night an undeniable success with ideas on everything from Boggle invitations to food to Boggle prizes and favors.

Planning and Boggle Invitations

The first thing to figure out for your Boggle game night is how many players to invite. You want to make sure that, if everyone were to attend, you could accommodate all Boggle players around the Boggle board. This could be achieved by running more than one Boggle game at a time.

Then, once you know who you'd like to invite, it's time to devise some fun Boggle invitations. I would recommend using the wonders of a computer drawing program to add an image of Boggle and then spell out some of the information in letters surrounded by squares (imitating Boggle cubes). If you have another creative Boggle invitation idea, that's great too! If you're just looking for some fun general invitations check these out.

Food: Essential to any good Boggle game night

The best type of food for a good Boggle game party is anything that can be eaten in one hand. Things like chips and dips, finger sandwiches, candy, bite-size hors d'oeuvres, and cut up vegetables are perfect for a Boggle game night. If you're not planning to serve a meal during the Boggle play, make sure to schedule the Boggle party at a non-meal time or make the fact clear on the invitations.

Boggle Favors and Prizes

If you're looking for some sort of Boggle favor to give as parting gifts and as a way to remember (and advertise!) your fabulous Boggle game night party, I have a couple of good suggestions. Boggle keychains are always a fun favorite. Alternatively, you could help sharpen everyone's Boggle skills by giving them Boggle books to take away with them.

A fun way to spice up a Boggle party is to offer prizes for anything from highest score in a Boggle round to longest Boggle word or even funniest Boggle word! As prizes you might want to give out a really nice version of Boggle, like the Boggle Deluxe or Boggle Folio.