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Useful Boggle Hints to Become a Better Player

Once you decide on a basic approach to playing Boggle, there are some additional hints which may be useful. These are a collection of simple Boggle hints which are sure to improve your Boggle score by a few points. Try implementing a couple of these tips each time you play Boggle and your enjoyment of the game will only increase.

  1. Plural form: Once you find a word on the Boggle board, always make sure to search for the plural form also (ie. cat and cats).

  2. Past/Future tense: If you find one Boggle word, check to see if other tenses exist (ie. tie and tied).

  3. Expand the word: After finding a short Boggle word, see if you can add letters to make it into an even longer word (ie. act and react).

  4. Find a word within the word: After finding a long Boggle word, see if there are any words within the word (ie. train and rain, or play and lay...and plays and lays and may, etc.). Added suffixes or prefixes.

  5. Rhyming words: Look for Boggle words that rhyme, like cat, mat, hat, sat, flat, spat, etc.

  6. Don't watch the timer: Keep an eye of the timer while playing Boggle, but don't focus on it too much or it will distract you.

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