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Top Ten Reasons Boggle will Boggle your Mind!

Top Ten Reasons Boggle will Boggle your Mind

10. Boggle gives you an excuse to use such great words as: pan, pans, man (not mans!), eon, eons, sow, peat...I could go on...and so can you! Isn't Boggle great?

9. Boggle is a very portable word game. Bring Boggle home for Thanksgiving or on vacation to the beach.

8. Parents, don't tell your kids, but they might actually learn something from playing Boggle!

7. How cool would it be to find the word Boggle while playing Boggle?!

6. Whether you have five minutes or five hours available, Boggle is a wonderful choice.

5. Shaking the Boggle dice in its case makes a terrific noise!

4. Enjoying and playing Boggle does not require additional games, controllers, monthly subscriptions, or even electricity (although some light by means of candles may help when playing Boggle!).

3. Boggle is the perfect word game for all ages. You can play Boggle with your friends, your grandmother, or your ten years old niece (just give yourself a handicap for playing Boggle with a younger kid).

2. Boggle is a simple enough word game that you can quickly learn the rules and start having fun.

1. And the number one reason to play Boggle...You don't want to be the last one on your block to buy and start playing the fun game of Boggle!