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Boggle reviews: Travel and Electronic versions

Boggle Folio

The Boggle Folio is hands down the best version of travel-friendly Boggle (non-electronic except for the timer). All the full-size Boggle elements store neatly in a zippered folio, including scorepad and pencils. There is an electronic Boggle timer built in which beeps once time runs out (so that you don't have to keep looking at the timer periodically). And for people who do not appreciate the noise of the Boggle shaker, this one is designed to be quieter when shaken. This is great for Boggle games on the road, on vacation, or at home.

Electronic Handheld Boggle

This convenient, one piece version of Boggle can be played alone (against the computer) or as a game between two players. The Boggle rounds can be timed or untimed and words are entered directly with no need for pencil or paper. Electronic Handheld Boggle would make a nice commuting companion.

Boggle Credit Card Game

The Boggle Credit Card Game, an electronic travel version of Boggle, is designed to be small and fits easily into the palm of your hand. It's a smaller, less frills, cheaper version of Electronic Handheld Boggle, but still fun and usable.

Boggle To Go

This is a non-electronic version of travel Boggle which serves the purpose, but does not have the best design. The cover of the Boggle shaker dome (which holds everything together while traveling) does not reliably stay attached. It does, however, include all the key elements of the super cool game of Boggle at full size and is on the cheaper side.

Boggle Game Carabiner

Cleverly designed, the Boggle Game Carabiner has the boggle dome and a timer which can be attached. It's very portable, but does not include pencils and paper. It's a neat Boggle edition, but be warned that the letter cubes are mini and can be hard to read.