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Boggle: How to decide if a word is valid

One of the quickest ways to lower your Boggle score is to read a bunch of invalid, imaginary words from your Boggle list. On the other hand, learning how to make better choices as to when to take a risk on an iffy Boggle word can improve your Boggle score. The following suggestions will help you decide if you should take a chance on a Boggle word's validity. No method is fool proof (besides being a Boggle word genius like myself...okay, that's wishful thinking!), but trying these methods will hedge your bets and improve your overall Boggle scores.

The first thing to keep in mind regarding a Boggle word you're not certain of is to absolutely write the word down! You can always decide later that it's not worth reading the word during the Boggle scoring period, but at least if it's written down you still have the choice. In addition, if it's not your turn to read your Boggle list first and you have written down the word you're not sure of, you at least have the power to cancel it if someone else reads the same word as part of their Boggle list.

Assuming you wrote the uncertain Boggle word down, once you get to the Boggle scoring period you then need to make the big decision: to read the word or not to read the word. There are a few strategies you can employ to help you make the decision (although you need to act quickly as Boggle players don't generally like to sit around waiting for very long!).

Try using the iffy Boggle word in a sentence to see if it sounds right. If you have NO idea how to use the word, then you probably shouldn't read it for your Boggle score. Also useful is to try a bit of free association to see if anything jogs your memory as to the meaning of the Boggle word (or if the word becomes just so much nonsense). You could also look for word roots, prefixes, or suffixes within the questionable Boggle word which might make the word more likely valid.

Beware if your ambiguous Boggle word sounds a lot like another word you know is valid. Sometimes our minds try to find things that sound like valid Boggle words and make them valid by association. Don't let this happen to you!

The last consideration to make when deciding whether or not to read a word during the Boggle scoring period is a strategic one. If you're likely to win without the questionable Boggle word, don't say it. If the only way to win the Boggle round is to announce the iffy word (keeping your fingers crossed that it's valid), the choice is clear.

To be more certain of your Boggle words next time, check out our tips to improve your Boggle playing abilities.