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Perfect Occasions to Give Boggle as a Gift

Giving Boggle as a gift can be a great alternative to other more traditional gifts under certain circumstances. Boggle is fun and can be played immediately since the rules are simple; Boggle is small and easy to store; and Boggle is great for all ages. What better gift could there be than Boggle? Share your Boggle love!

Housewarming, Party, or Dinner Gift

Boggle can be a much more interesting gift than the traditional Bottle of wine or flowers for a housewarming, party, or dinner. The host or hostess is likely to receive multiple bottles of wine as gifts which they may not even like and which may well be gone before the end of the evening (since guests often bring wine that they themselves want to drink).

Giving Boggle as a gift instead will make the giver stand out as a unique, fun-spirited individual. Boggle could also be an activity to engage in during the same evening. And, ultimately, giving Boggle to friends in this manner will mean you end up with more people to play Boggle with!

Yankee Swap or Secret Santa

Boggle is the perfect gift solution for those anonymous gift occasions. Giving Boggle eliminates the aggravating search to find the perfect gift for no one in particular. And Boggle has no potential for embarrassment the way that giving a seashell lampshade can! Boggle coordinates with any decor and personality, and Boggle is the kind of gift anyone can enjoy.

Travel Boggle for Travel

Know someone who's planning to go on a trip, alone or with kids? Travel Boggle is perfect for adults to challenge themselves on the plane, or for kids to entertain themselves in the back seat of the car. Boggle is a great addition to the travel activity box, ready to stand alongside books, music, and trivia cards. The various versions of travel Boggle can also be lifesavers when waiting in line for a museum or an amusement park ride, or if your food takes a long time at a restaurant.