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Boggle: Where to Play this Fun Word Game

Trying to find a time and place to play Boggle? There are more great Boggle opportunities than you'd think. Since Boggle is highly portable and can be played for five minutes or five hours, there are a lot of ways to make time to play Boggle. For example, why not play Boggle...?

  • ...Before or After Dinner? Playing a few rounds of Boggle can whet everyone's appetite for dinner (and stave off the impatience of hungry people!). After dinner is an ideal time to play Boggle because everyone needs time to settle after eating. Instead of having coffee, bring out the Boggle cube. The other advantage of playing Boggle before or after dinner is that it makes Boggle a routine, established event. You would no sooner skip Boggle as dinner!

  • ...On your Commute? Why waste that one to three hours you spend commuting to work or school everyday when you could be playing Boggle? If you purchase electronic Boggle, Boggle books, or another version of travel Boggle, you could stop dreading your commute and start appreciating the abundant alone time you now have everyday to play Boggle!

  • ...With your Book Club, Running Buddies, or Study Group? Any type of organized group is just asking to include a round or two of Boggle-playing. Why not suggest to the group that they start or end each meeting with a few rounds of Boggle? Or perhaps a different person could suggest a game to play each time?

  • ...On Vacation? Boggle is light-weight and easy to bring with you on vacation (especially Travel Boggle). When you leave for vacation you leave obligations and distractions behind. It's a perfect time to introduce your family to Boggle, to reignite the family's Boggle flame, or just to catch up on some much needed Boggle time.

  • ...At Work? If you spend time everyday with some cool, word-loving coworkers, why not try getting some Boggle play started at lunchtime? Playing Boggle sure beats reading another magazine, or worse yet spending lunch at your desk! Getting people together to play Boggle at lunch will force you to leave work behind and even give you something to look forward to to get you through the day.

  • ...On Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings? Why not play Boggle on Saturday mornings before everyone goes their separate ways for their weekend plans? You could play Boggle over coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. That would be an excellent way to kick off the weekend! Or perhaps you'd rather play Boggle as one last fun thing to do on Sunday night before the week begins again. Sunday nights would be a lot more appealing if they meant organized Boggle play!