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Who would write a Boggle website? Meet your editor!

So you were obviously surfing the web for something related to playing Boggle or board games in general and were fortunate enough to come across my website, dedicated entirely to Boggle. But who, you must have asked yourself, would be crazy or obsessive enough to write a whole extensive (fabulous!) website solely on the subject of Boggle? Well, me, if truth be told.

It's not that I'm obsessed with Boggle, or even that I play it every day of the year. I actually find it difficult sometimes to get other people to play Boggle with. What do you mean you'd rather go for a walk than play Boggle? Seriously!

So I'm not obsessive about Boggle, but I do like it. And, I will admit, I'm respectably good at it. As a result, it occured to me one day that there may be others like me out there. Maybe slightly less involved with Boggle than I, but who enjoy a good shake of the letter dice and flip of the timer every now and then.

This website exists to explain what Boggle is, why it's fun, and contains hints and strategies to help make anyone a better Boggle player. I can only figure that as people get better at Boggle, they'll play it more often and therefore like it more. And so the cycle of Boggle enjoyment (and enjoyment of my website) continues. How devious (but well-intentioned) am I?

And that is me, lady and gentleman Boggle players, your humble Boggle editor in a nutshell. I do hope you'll hang around the site and come back often!